In viewing the agenda for this conference, Bob McKay, as a chronicler of justice, might sound some words of caution. First, I know he would point out that the starting point for achieving the justice mission of American law schools is with the law professor. Second, while I note that one workshop is devoted to the topic, "The Justice Mission of the Legal Profession," I fail to observe a session devoted to a topic that was of deep concern to Bob McKay, namely, the justice mission of the law professor within the legal profession. Third, it is not sufficient for law schools to preach to students about confronting injustice. If law schools establish a value system that places almost exclusive emphasis on scholarly achievement, lesser emphasis on teaching, and no emphasis whatsoever on a teacher's contribution to the profession and to the community, do not expect students to take seriously any talk about the justice mission in American law schools. The justice mission begins with the development of a sense of injustice, and the first place to address injustice is in the value systems of our own institution of legal education.


The Justice Mission of American Law Schools