I do want to focus you on what I now see as the crucial social policy behind transfer taxes in America. And, today I would say, that the death tax, if amended, can vindicate that crucial policy. Rightly or wrongly, I think we do not focus on the key purpose of death taxation in this country. I believe knowing the "secret" makes it easier to explain why the environment is so pro-repeal and it makes it easier for me to prescribe for the future. For better or worse, I believe the crucial purpose of the tax is to assert the hegemony of the common people and the egalitarian nature of our society; to undermine oligarchy. To put it crudely, I think the purpose of the tax is to take a little bite out of rich people's butts, to remind them of the essential nature of this country. I would like to talk about why the question of estate tax repeal is front and center these days. Then I will turn to my predictions about the future of transfer taxes.


Symposium: The Death of the Death Tax