Why is it important to televise coverage in trials? The basic answer is that our judicial system needs to be as open as possible. There is a reason we do not hold trials in private and a reason we open the courtroom doors and invite in the world. The reason is that justice shines brightest in the sunshine. In today's busy world only a few people can actually attend court proceedings. With so many people relying on television as their primary resource of information, televised coverage of trials exposes greater numbers o f citizens to our justice system. A camera in the courtroom enhances public understanding of the judicial world by engendering a deeper understanding of legal principles and processes. Allowing the public to watch the justice system at work promotes confidence in the process, helps assure that the proceedings are conducted fairly, and offers an unbiased unblinking look at the system at work.


Symposium: Toward More Reliable Jury Verdicts - Law, Technology, and Media Development since the Trials of Dr. Sam Sheppard

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