Kim David Chanbonpin and Ronald L. Mize, Jr. bring to LatCrit two legal historical essays that connect property and labor issues to the present. The first draws from the former Mexican land base presently comprising the American Southwest. The second examines a class of "agricultural underdogs" that provided their labor to the nation's food production systems during wartime. Both articles bring real life consequences impacting our communities of color generally but gente of Mexican descent specifically. The authors' treatment of difficult questions however, extends legal engagement that demands compensation for past injuries with consequences into the present. Their assertions of restitution and reparative justice, accordingly add to a legal record seeking equal treatment for the sacrifices of the past with real life consequences into the present.


Eighth Annual LatCrit Conference City & The Citizen: Operations of Power, Strategies of Resistance: Section IV: Migration, Land and Labor: Outlooks on Latina/o Reparations: Introduction