My purpose here today is to look at some of the legislative history of Title IX, and perhaps some of the details that never made it into the Congressional Record, and also to include my personal involvement in it. I do that with some fear and trepidation because it sounds like one is puffing himself up.It is fair to ask, “How can a kid who grew up on a corn and soybean farm, raising pigs and hogs and cattle and calves, chickens, how in the world could he ever get to be a United States Senator, let alone become involved in a piece of legislation that's had such a tremendous impact?” I would like to believe it is possible for all of us, even today with a complex world and some of the financial restraints put on public service; it is possible for all of us to find a niche in society where we can make our world a little bit better, our community a little bit better, our state, our nation a little bit better because we were there. We cared, and we did more than complain. We rolled up our sleeves and said, “Okay, I'm going to work at it.”


Symposium: Celebrating Thirty-Five Years of Sport and Title IX