Alexis Osburn


This paper discusses the legal ramifications of incorporating anti-addiction vaccines into a state's existing compulsory immunization scheme. Part II explains the neurobiological and physiological factors that make addiction a medical disease and discusses the mental and physical damage caused by illicit drug use. It also introduces the reader to anti-addiction research and explains how anti-addiction vaccines work. Part III provides the reader with a brief history of state-mandated vaccination requirements, including a discussion of the leading cases that govern compulsory vaccination requirements. Part IV advocates for the amendment of state-mandated immunization statutes to include anti-addiction vaccines. It analyzes two tests scholars have suggested states use as guidelines for when to mandate a particular vaccination and explains why those tests are inadequate. It also explains what test should be used and why anti-addiction vaccines should be incorporated using school-based immunization schemes. Finally, Part V provides a brief conclusion reiterating the benefits of mandatory anti-addiction immunization.