What is the relation of the Office of the County Prosecutor or District Attorney to the job of public law enforcement? It is true that the county prosecutor's office has much to do with the civil practice of the law as the legal representative of the county Government, including public boards and commissions. Yet, may it ever be remembered, the proper enforcement of the public or criminal law is a matter of great importance to every resident of the community. It is important not only to protect the safety of the community from unlawful disturbances and aggressions against the peace and quiet of the people, but also to see to it, insofar as is humanely possible, that the rigor of the law will be exerted only against the guilty, and that even in that event that it is limited to the extent necessary in order to protect the innocent. There is no place in human relations where there is greater divergence of opinion on, first, the purpose of law enforcement of the criminal law, and second, on how and why the guilty should be punished.

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