Bernard Botein


Our system of justice can never be perfect, but lately its imperfections have seemed to loom larger and deeper than formerly. Change is the rule of life, and the fast-moving events of today underline the failure of our legal system to keep pace. The law should be deliberate and not commit itself to new patterns without full consideration-but deliberation is a far cry from stagnation, and when the world moves, the law must move. The Bar and the Bench are the custodians of the country's judicial system and because of their experience and expertise we would expect them to be the architects of its future growth. My purpose here is to urge Bench and Bar to shake off their inertia and fulfill their responsibility to the public; to square reality with the still radiant image of American justice, and direct the course of change so that the revisions will be efficient and harmonious, rather than revolutionary and dislocating.

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