Howard L. Oleck


A committee of bar association "elder statesmen," from NACCA, cooperating with a like committee from the major insurance lawyers association, should approach the American Medical Association and suggest appointment of a national committee of doctors and lawyers, to establish mutually approved policies and procedures. Failing action by the most affected personal-injury bar associations, the American Bar Association might be the logical moving force. It already has recommended (in1957) the adoption of the impartial medical expert system used in New York City and Baltimore; but has not managed to effectuate the idea. Either way, the plans for establishing principles of participation should be based on full use of the retired and semi-retired medical experts, whose services have so long been neglected. Elaboration of the plans, thereafter, to the state and local hospital or city level of active procedure, must be pressed promptly. Whether these procedures shall be based on simply interprofessional agreements, or on court adoption of rules suggested, should be a matter of local preference.