Fashion law is an emerging field that addresses the legal issues that arise in the fashion industry. With the rapid growth and globalization of the fashion industry, there is an increasing need for specialized legal guidance in this area. Fashion law encompasses a wide range of legal issues, including intellectual property, contract law, employment law, international trade law, and environmental law.

One of the main drivers behind the need for fashion law is the rise of counterfeiting and intellectual property theft in the fashion industry. With the proliferation of ecommerce and social media, it has become easier than ever for counterfeiters to produce and sell fake designer goods. Fashion law provides legal protections for designers, brands, and manufacturers to safeguard their intellectual property rights and prevent infringement.

Moreover, the fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment, with issues such as textile waste, carbon emissions, and ethical sourcing of materials. Fashion law can play a crucial role in ensuring that fashion companies comply with environmental regulations and ethical standards. Interestingly, fashion models comprise a group of working professionals that do not have any laws dealing with the specific issues that they are faced with on account of their profession. This Article discusses the various reasons why there is a need for fashion law.