Breaking the Crossed Dress Code: Crossed Identity and Métissage in Sebbar's Les Carnets de Shérazade

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Crossing Over Redefining the Scope of Border Studies


The present volume brings together selected proceedings of the 2005 Cleveland State University Symposium “Crossing Over: Learning to Navigate the Borderlands of Intercultural Encounters.” The collection of essays offers some samples of the complex and potentially infinite array of investigations that the newly expanded field of ‘Border Studies’ can add to the academy’s scholarly enterprise. The articles collected in this volume demonstrate innovative approaches to comparative explorations of topics in American, Latin-American, European, and Post-Colonial literature as well as Linguistics, History and Education.

Antonio Medina-Rivera is Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics at Cleveland State University where he also directs “Cultural Crossings,” a program that promotes a better understanding and revaluation of the Humanities.

Diana Orendi teaches German and Comparative Literature at Cleveland State University. Together with Dr. Medina-Rivera she organized the first “Crossing Over,” symposium of October 2005, from which essays were selected for this volume.