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sousa, anthology, march, recordings, discography


This article creates a recording anthology from four of John P. Sousa's finest marches and includes "The Washington Post," "The Fairest of the Fair," "Hands Across the Sea," and "The Thunder." The titles were chosen because of their popularity as being the most recorded marches, and that they all have a common thread between them. Together, they create a unique collage of themes that when put together take on a new life. The author shows how all four compositions were assembled into a symphony titled Symphony on the Themes of Sousa written by Hollywood composer Ira Hearshen. Frederick Fennell recorded all of the works with the Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble of Japan October 18-19, 1995. A short list of other titles and recordings are also presented. They reflect the variety of ideas and interpretations on how a composer, conductor or ensemble can perform a single piece of music.

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