The Dobama Collection


The Dobama Collection


Carolyn Solis


The Dobama Theatre was founded by idealistic theater students, Don and Marilyn Bianchi, Barry Silverman and Mark Silverberg as their way of presenting free quality theater for the people of Cleveland. Dobama started as a very small production company that managed to present its first production during the week of May 17, 1960. Barry and Mark left Dobama shortly afterwards, while the Bianchis remained to nurture the theatre on Don’s often proclaimed foundation of Love and Respect, and to develop it into an acclaimed, innovative, and award-winning (if not entirely free) theater. Read more...

The Dobama Collection is a collaborative digital project between The Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University and the Cleveland Public Library. Forty three Dobama playbills lent to us for digitization by the Cleveland Public Library Literature Department, publicity stills from the Cleveland Press Collection, as well as a chronological listing of Dobama productions through July 2007 compiled by Laura R. Dempsey were all cataloged and indexed in Cleveland Memory to provide this montage of the Dobama's contributions to Cleveland's vibrant theatrical scene.

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The Dobama Collection