In this interview, we asked the Cleveland Metropark's Zoo Director Christopher Kuhar about his experiences with the zoo. The interview began with a discussion of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and its accreditation process. Dr. Kuhar then discussed his work as a curator before he became the executive director, and he described the challenges that a curator may face. Throughout the interview, Dr. Kuhar emphasized the importance of inquiry education and how zoos like his are trying to extend this type of education to the general public. In addition to the discussion of education, Dr. Kuhar explored some of the new exhibits and research projects the zoo is doing. He listed the challenges that went along with the creation of the new exhibit "Elephant Crossing." He also discussed some of the parallels with obesity in humans that the zoo has found in their research with the diets of captive primates. He closes our discussion with his vision of where the zoo should be headed in the near future.


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Kuhar, Christopher (interviewee)


Horan, John (interviewer)


Cleveland Metroparks



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