Dick and Darlene Wiegandt, Cleveland Hiking Club members since 1990, talk about their life in the Detroit area and other places before moving to Cleveland. They joined the Cleveland Hiking Club after meeting a CHC member who was also president of the Buckeye Trail Association. They started hiking the Buckeye Trail and then joined the CHC to "get credit" for their mileage. They eventually led Buckeye Trail hikes and talk about some of the trail happenings--a dog rescue, having police called because a farmer forgot that he had given them permission to park in his field, returning to where a car had been parked to find it missing. They have also hiked on 20 or so club excursions. They talk about some of the memorable members that they have met through the club.


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Wiegandt, Dick (interviewee); Wiegandt, Darlene (interviewee)


Hill, Jane (interviewer)


Cleveland Hiking Club



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Oral History


39 minutes

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