Dozie Herbruck is a longtime member and newly elected president of the Village Garden Club. Originally from Newark, New Jersey, she moved to Cleveland Heights in 1967. She discusses the garden club’s Cherry Tree Grove, how the club coped with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and ways in which the club has evolved in recent years, including welcoming the first male member in its 90-year history. She also offers her thoughts on the current debates over the future of Horseshoe Lake.


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Herbruck, Dozie (interviewee)


Cameron, Caitlen (interviewer)


Shaker Heights Historical Society



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Oral History


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Caitlen Cameron [00:00:00] Alright, so today is Wednesday, August 25th. It's about 12:30-ish. It has been on and off rain all day and we are in Shaker Heights. My name is Caitlen Cameron with Shaker Historical Society. And I am with?

Dozie Herbruck [00:00:18] Dozie Herbruck.

Caitlen Cameron [00:00:20] Alright. And how do you spell that?

Dozie Herbruck [00:00:23] D-O-Z-I-E, first name, and H-E-R-B-R-U-C-K.

Caitlen Cameron [00:00:27] Alright, Dozie, I just want to go over first, do you consent to be recorded?

Dozie Herbruck [00:00:32] Yes.

Caitlen Cameron [00:00:33] Alright. And are you excited?

Dozie Herbruck [00:00:35] No.

Caitlen Cameron [00:00:36] [Laughs] That's okay. Nobody is usually at the beginning, so it's okay. So just to kind of start off things, when and where were you born?

Dozie Herbruck [00:00:46] I was born on [...] 1944, in Newark, New Jersey.

Caitlen Cameron [00:00:53] Okay, did you go to school there?

Dozie Herbruck [00:00:57] I did. I went to elementary school and high school there. In Short Hills, New Jersey, not Newark.

Caitlen Cameron [00:01:04] Okay. What did your parents do?

Dozie Herbruck [00:01:09] My father sold life insurance and my mother was a homemaker.

Caitlen Cameron [00:01:16] Okay. Was it nice to have your home, like all the time, or was it more of a nick-nagging mom?

Dozie Herbruck [00:01:25] You know, back in those days, most moms stayed home. So it wasn't anything I thought about one way or the other. And she was not a nagging mom. I was the fifth kid of six...

Caitlen Cameron [00:01:37] Wow.

Dozie Herbruck [00:01:38] And the first five were in five years, and I was the fifth. So she didn't care much what was going on!

Caitlen Cameron [00:01:44] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:01:45] In my life.

Caitlen Cameron [00:01:47] Hey, that's good news. That's nice to at least have a mom around.

Dozie Herbruck [00:01:51] Yeah, she was there.

Caitlen Cameron [00:01:54] So did you have your mom have a garden at her house? S.

Dozie Herbruck [00:01:56] She did.

Caitlen Cameron [00:01:58] What did she grow?

Dozie Herbruck [00:02:00] I don't even remember what was in her garden. A lot of peonies. We had lots of rhododendrons and azaleas and, you know, those kinds of whatever you call those plants that you plant along the side of the house. But she did have gardens, and I can't tell you much about what was in them.

Caitlen Cameron [00:02:21] That's okay. Did she had ever have vegetables or anything?

Dozie Herbruck [00:02:23] No, no vegetables, all flowers.

Caitlen Cameron [00:02:27] So more a beautiful garden instead of a...

Dozie Herbruck [00:02:29] Yeah, it was it was very pretty. But, you know, we didn't pay much attention to what she was doing in her garden back then.

Caitlen Cameron [00:02:36] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:02:36] She did have a gardener, too, which, you know, nowadays, like, really?

Caitlen Cameron [00:02:40] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:02:41] I think Frank, an old Italian man came...

Caitlen Cameron [00:02:44] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:02:45] Either once a week or twice a week. And I don't know... He mowed, I guess, you know, but yeah, he didn't do the gardens. He just took care of the lawn.

Caitlen Cameron [00:02:56] Okay. Well, that's nice. So you said you were at high school and did you work when you went to high school or did you go to school after?

Dozie Herbruck [00:03:08] I just went to school and came home. I didn't work.

Caitlen Cameron [00:03:14] Okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:03:14] We were busy though. I don't know, you know, I was majorette in school.

Caitlen Cameron [00:03:19] Oh cool.

Dozie Herbruck [00:03:20] That was after-school stuff. But no job. I babysat a lot so I shouldn't say I had no job.

Caitlen Cameron [00:03:28] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:03:29] Babysat for fifty cents an hour.

Caitlen Cameron [00:03:31] Wow! [laughs] Yeah. That's, that's the bad wages now, if somebody says that it's like...

Dozie Herbruck [00:03:37] I know. I got up to seventy-five by the time I stopped and that's... Maybe I didn't make that much because my daughter was... When she babysat it was seventy-five cents an hour, I think. Or when my kids were little. That wasn't her. Seventy-five cents an hour. So things have changed.

Caitlen Cameron [00:03:56] Yeah. So when you graduated high school, did you go to college?

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:01] I did.

Caitlen Cameron [00:04:02] Where'd you go?

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:03] I went to Wells College. It was an all-girls school, very small. There were about five hundred and fifty women at the school. And it was in Aurora, New York, in the Finger Lakes area, right on Lake Cayuga.

Caitlen Cameron [00:04:19] Okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:19] Very pretty place.

Caitlen Cameron [00:04:20] What did you study?

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:21] I was an English major.

Caitlen Cameron [00:04:23] Oh, cool. What was your dream of what you wanted to degree for?

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:28] Well, that's a little bit embarrassing to say...

Caitlen Cameron [00:04:30] No.

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:30] Because I the only thing I knew I didn't want to do was to be a teacher. And back then you didn't have a whole lot of choices. You could be a secretary or a teacher. There weren't a lot of other options. And I so I had no plan at all. So the good news is I got married about three weeks after I graduated, so I didn't have to think about it. And I ended up being a teacher.

Caitlen Cameron [00:04:55] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:56] Yeah.

Caitlen Cameron [00:04:57] Huh. So how did you meet your husband?

Dozie Herbruck [00:04:59] Well, he went to an all-boys school, a male-only school in New York State, two hours away. But back then, two hours was nothing for a date because most of the schools, a lot of the schools were single-sex.

Caitlen Cameron [00:05:13] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:05:13] And so we had a blind date.

Caitlen Cameron [00:05:18] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:05:18] Mhm.

Caitlen Cameron [00:05:19] Where was it at?

Dozie Herbruck [00:05:21] The blind date, I guess was it at Wells College. I think he was coming down. Dave's cousin, who he roomed with at college, was coming down to have a date with somebody in my dorm. And she was out in the hall looking for somebody who wanted to have a blind date. And I said, well, I've never been out with anybody from Hamilton College, so I'll go.

Caitlen Cameron [00:05:45] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:05:45] And that was it. Mhm.

Caitlen Cameron [00:05:47] And it was like, was the dating game or dream did it go amazing?

Dozie Herbruck [00:05:52] Well, we had a nice time, but I remember going back after the date and telling my roommate that when we get married, we'll have two sets of books because he was an English major too.

Caitlen Cameron [00:06:02] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:06:03] So I can't say it was love at first sight, but it was... This seemed like the right person.

Caitlen Cameron [00:06:09] Yeah, a match made in blind-date heaven, right? Yeah, right! [laughs].

Dozie Herbruck [00:06:14] That's nice. So once you guys once you graduated and got married, did you guys move together?

Dozie Herbruck [00:06:22] Yeah. Dave was in the Marine Corps. He was a year ahead of me at school. So he graduated. We were dating long distance while he was waiting for his commission. Remember this was Vietnam era, and at that time you either got drafted or you signed up. And so he signed up to be an officer, figuring that that was a little safer maybe than going in as an enlisted person. And so he was back in Cleveland waiting for his duty, I guess. And that was my senior year. And then and then I guess the second half of my senior year, he was in officer's training school. And then we got married in July of that year. And then we went back to Quantico, Virginia, where he was in officer... still in OCS, Officers Training School. And then we went from there to Beaufort, South Carolina, where he was stationed at the air station there. And I was bored. And so I called the local school district and said, if you need a substitute, I'm here. And they called back and said, would you teach full time?

Caitlen Cameron [00:07:35] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:07:36] And that's how I started teaching, which was sort of amazing.

Caitlen Cameron [00:07:40] Wow.

Dozie Herbruck [00:07:40] Because I had no training in teaching.

Caitlen Cameron [00:07:44] What was that like to, I guess, have a husband in the war and, you know, everything that was going on?

Dozie Herbruck [00:07:51] Well, it was stressful, but more so for him than for me because he had to go.

Caitlen Cameron [00:07:58] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:07:58] We were down in South Carolina for a year and actually we were in Baltimore for three months of that year. And then we went back and then he went to Vietnam and I finished teaching that year. And then I went to Rhode Island for the summer. My parents lived up there and took three courses at the University of Rhode Island and then came back to Cleveland and found a place where... and lived with his parents for a while while I found a place for us to rent. So I was busy for the month. I mean, the year.

Caitlen Cameron [00:08:30] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:08:30] It was literally eleven months.

Caitlen Cameron [00:08:33] Were you were worried?

Dozie Herbruck [00:08:34] I guess you're always worried. But he was in an officers... He was in a headquarters. So I was less worried than I would be if he was out in the field.

Caitlen Cameron [00:08:44] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:08:45] You know.

Caitlen Cameron [00:08:46] So I am kind of a novice, I guess, for anything in that era. How would you guys remain in contact? I mean, was it like you got to talk to him every day or...

Dozie Herbruck [00:08:59] No, he sent home tapes, reel-to-reel tapes.

Caitlen Cameron [00:09:06] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:09:06] I don't have... We have them up in the attic and I don't have any place to play them and I've never listened to them again. And he sent letters home but that was it. You didn't call. There was no cell phones and...

Caitlen Cameron [00:09:17] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:09:18] You didn't call, so...

Caitlen Cameron [00:09:21] Wow.

Dozie Herbruck [00:09:21] And I don't remember how often I heard from but pretty regularly I think.

Caitlen Cameron [00:09:26] Yeah. You need to listen to those again. You need to...

Dozie Herbruck [00:09:29] Don't want to listen. See, I don't go back, I don't, I don't need to listen to those again.

Caitlen Cameron [00:09:34] So why, why don't you go back? What's, what is it just you're always striving for the future?

Dozie Herbruck [00:09:42] Yeah. I'm always thinking of now. I live now and for the future but I don't, I don't delve in the past.

Caitlen Cameron [00:09:52] Mhm. That's good though. I wish I could... I think I prioritize the past. I think about everything that happened. And sometimes it's bad because it cripples me, you know.

Dozie Herbruck [00:10:02] Yeah.

Caitlen Cameron [00:10:03] But that's good.

Dozie Herbruck [00:10:03] No, I don't. And I don't have a good memory either. So, you know, it's hard to go back if you can't remember.

Caitlen Cameron [00:10:10] That's true. So I know. I hate that I'm asking these questions, but I know you don't remember, but it's okay. It's no worries. So you came back. How did you get back to Cleveland eventually?

Dozie Herbruck [00:10:26] You mean did I drive back?

Caitlen Cameron [00:10:28] No. I mean, so you were all over the place, back to Rhode Island and then back here. So when were you finally settled in Cleveland?

Dozie Herbruck [00:10:35] Well, I came back here when Dave... He went to Vietnam '68 and '69. And so it was the summer of '68, I guess. Must have been the summer of '67 that I came back here and rented a house and then he got home in February and we were already in that rent, you know, we were in the rental house. So I had spent that year furnishing it and whatever, collecting furniture.

Caitlen Cameron [00:11:12] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:11:12] And I think I was substituting in a school, schools around here. And then he came back and we were here.

Caitlen Cameron [00:11:22] Really? Was it this house?

Dozie Herbruck [00:11:23] No, it was... We were in a two-family rental in Cleveland Heights and then three years later moved into our first house near there and the second house on the street that his parents lived on in Cleveland Heights, Woodmere Drive. And then we moved over here after the kids grew up and left.

Caitlen Cameron [00:11:41] Okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:11:42] We upsized.

Caitlen Cameron [00:11:44] So what did you what did he do after the war? What was his...

Dozie Herbruck [00:11:47] He went into business with his brother and they owned a company that did corporate insurance and key man insurance and business types of insurances.

Caitlen Cameron [00:12:05] That's cool. And you continued teaching?

Dozie Herbruck [00:12:08] Well, I got pregnant the minute he got home.

Caitlen Cameron [00:12:11] [Laughs]

Dozie Herbruck [00:12:12] And so I substituted that year. And then I had my baby and I substituted that year, I think, when she was little, not a lot. And then I had my second baby, 18 or 19 months later. And when they were two and four, I went and taught in the nursery school and took them with me.

Caitlen Cameron [00:12:37] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:12:37] So I've always done something.

Caitlen Cameron [00:12:41] Yeah, that's great. How many kids?

Dozie Herbruck [00:12:44] Two.

Caitlen Cameron [00:12:45] Just two? Okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:12:45] My baby's turning 50 in two days.

Caitlen Cameron [00:12:48] Oh my gosh! Wow. Hey, that's an accomplishment though, I mean you can still say that. Yeah, that's great. So you moved to Cleveland. Did you have... Okay, throughout your moves, did you ever have gardens when you moved?

Dozie Herbruck [00:13:07] Yes, not in our rental, but always after that, I always had gardens, and that's pretty much why we moved here, because our last house was very much shady and we pretty much filled up at all the garden beds. And there wasn't... There were a lot of things I wanted to plant that I couldn't because they were shady and...

Caitlen Cameron [00:13:24] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:13:25] We were out on our bikes one day and we weren't looking to buy a house, but there was an open house in that house and this one.

Caitlen Cameron [00:13:34] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:13:34] And we just decided to go in and look and, I don't know, this one sort of caught our fancy and so we bought it.

Caitlen Cameron [00:13:40] Fell in love, I guess?

Dozie Herbruck [00:13:41] We have a lot of gardens here.

Caitlen Cameron [00:13:43] Wow. It does look like an English major's house, I'll tell you that.

Dozie Herbruck [00:13:48] [Laughs].

Caitlen Cameron [00:13:48] No, it's very beautiful. But that's great. So when you start gardening, when did you start growing, because I remember you said when you grew up, it was kind of like a like a passive act. Did you start once you got your own place?

Dozie Herbruck [00:14:08] Our first house I gardened, but I don't remember... I don't remember what I did and what I planted. I don't remember what was in the yard but I know... And maybe I didn't garden very much in our first house.

Caitlen Cameron [00:14:23] That's okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:14:23] I'm trying to think because I remember one little garden along the garage, I don't know, I wasn't really into it. And the second house I got into gardening more, but not till this house.

Caitlen Cameron [00:14:38] Yeah, more space.

Dozie Herbruck [00:14:39] Well I was working all the time too. I mean, I didn't have the kind of time I have now.

Caitlen Cameron [00:14:47] Mhm. I know I've heard that, too, like if you're working, it's a very close second. It's nice. It's a nice stress reliever, but...

Dozie Herbruck [00:14:55] Yeah.

Caitlen Cameron [00:14:56] But the dedication that people put into it.

Dozie Herbruck [00:14:58] Just don't have the time.

Caitlen Cameron [00:15:00] Mhm. So. Okay, so I guess the big question. How did you get involved with the garden club?

Dozie Herbruck [00:15:09] Well, that's sort of an amusing story. I think Mickey Horner was a stalwart in this club, longtime member. She was in charge of that Cherry Tree Grove. I think she took care of it all by herself. I didn't know anything about this club. I was not interested in joining any clubs.

Caitlen Cameron [00:15:28] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:15:28] And I had just retired, I think I had just retired from University School. And she called me one day, and this was maybe in May. And she asked me if I would be interested in coming to the Garden Club meeting first Monday in June. And I said, oh, no, sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm busy that day. I mean, it just immediately out of my mouth because I don't join clubs.

Caitlen Cameron [00:15:57] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:15:58] And she said, oh, that's too bad. But how about next September? I couldn't think of an excuse, so I agreed to go and I had known Mickey from University School. Her husband taught my husband and he was the wrestling coach I think, and the football coach and one of his teachers.

Caitlen Cameron [00:16:18] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:16:18] So we had known them over the years. But I tried not to accept, but I couldn't get out of it.

Caitlen Cameron [00:16:25] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:16:25] So when I went to this first meeting—it was down at the City Greenhouse—and I walked in and there were all these people I knew from the Skating Club. I had no idea they were in a garden club.

Caitlen Cameron [00:16:37] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:16:38] And so I thought, oh, well this could be fun. I know these people. [laughs].

Caitlen Cameron [00:16:40] Yeah. Not intimidating once you've actually done it.

Dozie Herbruck [00:16:44] So that's how I joined.

Caitlen Cameron [00:16:46] Okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:16:47] Against my better judgment. [laughs]

Caitlen Cameron [00:16:49] What year... Do you remember what year that was?

Dozie Herbruck [00:16:51] Well, the book says I've been in ten years, I think, which amazes me because I still feel like a newbie in the club.

Caitlen Cameron [00:16:58] Yeah, I know. The first time I met you said no, I'm just a newbie.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:02] I am new. I don't, yeah. I don't have the history of this club.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:07] Yeah. But you are the president now which is great.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:10] Oh, well, that's the problem with this club.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:13] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:13] We're getting old. And, you know, when the when the president of a club is 78 years old, you know you've got a problem.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:20] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:21] And, you know, we need to get younger people in it, and but that's what happened. We have two people on our board right now that just joined this year.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:30] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:30] I mean, that's not the way it should be.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:32] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:33] [Laughs] So we need to work on it.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:35] That's I'm glad that you guys are progressing though. It seems like a lot of movements are being made.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:41] We're getting some... We've got three young, younger members, young members. So that's a good thing.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:47] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:48] So hopefully they'll bring in some of their friends and we can get that whole new generation going.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:53] Yeah. Oh, that would definitely be really good for it to sustain the club too.

Dozie Herbruck [00:17:59] Mhm.

Caitlen Cameron [00:17:59] So when you joined, which is the ten years ago now, what do you remember, some of the events that you participated in or some of the club meetings that were good memories?

Dozie Herbruck [00:18:10] That I can't tell you.

Caitlen Cameron [00:18:13] Really? Okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:18:15] I can't. Oh, I only had one. Nancy Schriner hosted a flower ranger who I've since gotten to know through my other garden club. Now I'm in two—don't go there—and she did a flower arranging thing and that was really fun. And we've had a few of those. Helen Schreiber has done it a couple of times and those are always fun to go to. But as far as our horticultural meetings, Hank Dahl came once. He's a local guy who grows dahlias, and I hosted it at my house and he came and talked to us about dahlias and that got me interested in dahlias.

Caitlen Cameron [00:18:57] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:18:58] That was interesting. So...

Caitlen Cameron [00:19:02] What does a dahlia look like? I guess I can't recall one right now.

Dozie Herbruck [00:19:06] Well, if the rain stops when we leave, I can show you. I've got three of them in bloom in my yard. They're round and sometimes they're this big and they're just full. And then there's with some spider ends...

Caitlen Cameron [00:19:18] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:19:18] And a lot of different kinds of dahlias.

Caitlen Cameron [00:19:22] Hmm. That's cool. I can't wait to see them.

Dozie Herbruck [00:19:25] Yeah.

Caitlen Cameron [00:19:25] So were you when you watched the flower arrangers, did you try it and were you good at it and did you like it at all?

Dozie Herbruck [00:19:35] I like flower arranging. I don't know that I'm particularly good, but I like some of my arrangements.

Caitlen Cameron [00:19:43] That's cool. I know I was talking to Helen and some of the arrangements she's done and some that stood out.

Dozie Herbruck [00:19:51] Well, she's amazing. I mean, all of hers are beautiful. Every single one of them.

Caitlen Cameron [00:19:56] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:19:56] So, yeah, she's a professional. I'm just, you know, put flowers in a vase.

Caitlen Cameron [00:20:03] That's okay. She, you wanna know [inaudible], she said the same thing. She said, I just, I do it for fun.

Dozie Herbruck [00:20:09] Yeah, well, she's got the eye. She really is an artist.

Caitlen Cameron [00:20:14] That's good. And I looked at some of her pictures too. And she said [inaudible].

Dozie Herbruck [00:20:16] I do dried flower arrangements. I grow those and dry them and that one's getting tired. I need to make a new one. But...

Caitlen Cameron [00:20:26] How do you...

Dozie Herbruck [00:20:27] That's what I do.

Caitlen Cameron [00:20:27] Dry flowers and make them still look...

Dozie Herbruck [00:20:29] I hang them upside down in my basement? These guys, these are straw flowers and those you have to take out and put on a wire. You, I mean, you have to stick a wire through because the stems don't last. But the other stuff is all hung upside down. The hydrangeas are best to dry by putting them in a vase of water or in something in a vase and letting the water just gradually evaporate and they don't curl up. If you just take those and hang them, they'll just all shrivel up.

Caitlen Cameron [00:21:01] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:21:02] Yeah, but the rest of it is all stuff that I've pulled out of the garden.

Caitlen Cameron [00:21:09] Well, that's beautiful. I think you should give yourself some credit there.

Dozie Herbruck [00:21:13] Yeah. It's just that they do get tired. You know, they... I take them down in the basement and I have a mess down there and I take them out and then I can reuse these. But mostly the new ones from this year would be much yellower and, but sometimes the combination is good. So you can use 'em, you know...

Caitlen Cameron [00:21:28] Yeah.

Dozie Herbruck [00:21:28] If you perk it up with fresh stuff.

Caitlen Cameron [00:21:33] Gosh.

Dozie Herbruck [00:21:33] But... This stuff's growing right now in my garden.

Caitlen Cameron [00:21:36] Oh really? What are those?

Dozie Herbruck [00:21:36] Something called pearly everlasting.

Caitlen Cameron [00:21:43] Huh.

Dozie Herbruck [00:21:43] And I need to get at it.

Caitlen Cameron [00:21:45] So it does it have to dry in like a cool, dark place or can it dry like in a window?

Dozie Herbruck [00:21:50] Well, it should be... It should not be in a window. It should be in a dark place, I think, and it should be best if it's cool. I don't know. I've got 'em hanging all over the place downstairs and I need to get down there and do some serious cleaning.

Caitlen Cameron [00:22:07] Well, that's okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:22:07] Because I make a mess when I do this and when I hang 'em they're a mess.

Caitlen Cameron [00:22:11] I've tried to hang like my boutonnieres and things and they wilted. And I was like, mmm, it's not even worth it anymore and like, but I know it's definitely an art, and you do a good job so.

Dozie Herbruck [00:22:23] Well, thanks.

Caitlen Cameron [00:22:23] So have you ever, while you're in it, did you ever participate in any of our shows or anything?

Dozie Herbruck [00:22:33] Have I entered in a flower show?

Caitlen Cameron [00:22:36] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:22:38] Oh, this garden club, the Village Garden Club, hasn't had a flower show since I've been a member. They did in the olden days.

Caitlen Cameron [00:22:46] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:22:46] The other garden club has had flower shows, not for the last three years or two years.

Caitlen Cameron [00:22:52] Okay.

Dozie Herbruck [00:22:54] And I don't know if I've entered them. We've had... I can't remember if I've ever put a flower... No, I haven't done a flower arrangement in show. I've entered a photography contest. I take pictures of my garden.

Caitlen Cameron [00:23:15] Really?

Dozie Herbruck [00:23:17] Where and we had a photography contest in the other club and that was fun. And actually I got them to invite this club to enter. So some of our members won. There's no prize or anything. It's just for pride.

Caitlen Cameron [00:23:33] Mhm.

Dozie Herbruck [00:23:34] So I've won some, you know...

Caitlen Cameron [00:23:35] That's cool.

Dozie Herbruck [00:23:36] Blue ribbons.

Caitlen Cameron [00:23:36] How do you take pictures? Like, do you take close-ups?

Dozie Herbruck [00:23:39] I love the macro picture.

Caitlen Cameron [00:23:41] Yes!

Dozie Herbruck [00:23:41] I like to put my mine.... You have a fancy camera there. Is that a Canon?

Caitlen Cameron [00:23:45] Yeah, it's a Canon.

Dozie Herbruck [00:23:46] I had one with a... That's a fancier lens than I've got. I turned mine that took various lenses, I turned it in for the Canon, I think it's called the EOS. But maybe that is... That only had... That you can't take the lens off, but it has so much better telephoto and so much better macro right on it, so I don't have to put other lenses...


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