Interview with Irene Kusnyer (born Szalay) about farming in the Cuyahoga Valley. The interviewee tells the story of how her family came to settle first in the US and later on in the Cuyahoga Valley. She then talks about how the family got into farming, what farming and life in the Valley was like in the 1930s, and how they eventually came to focus on farming sweet corn. The interview contains rich descriptions of the types of crops and livestock that were used, farming procedures, descriptions of the farm house and barn, as well as where and how they sold their farm products, and who purchased them. The interview also contains stories about life growing up in the Cuyahoga Valley, including going to school, working, and leisure time activities. There are also some reflections on changes over time, discussing the development of the farm and comparing earlier times with the farm today. Finally, the interviewee talk briefly about the Everett Ladies, specifically who they are and what they do.


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Kusnyer, Irene (interviewee)


Bjoershol, Haakon (interviewer)


Cuyahoga Valley Project



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Oral History


62 minutes

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