Artist Angelica Pozo discusses her personal background and development as an artist. Pozo grew up in Bronx New York and attended boarding school in Long Island. Pozo first realized she had artistic ability after receiving painting lessens in the 2nd grade. Pozo studied ceramics at Moore College of Art and Design but later enrolled at Alfred University which was "ceramics heaven." Pozo initially tried to resist outside forces as an influence on her work, focusing on ancient and primal work at first. In later years, Pozo used her Cuban and Puerto Rican identity as an important source for her work. Pozo began to develop more functional pieces of art starting with photographs that looked like landscapes to more abstract work. Pozo decided to relocate to Cleveland after visiting several times. Pozo established a studio in Cleveland with several other artists who "energized each other." One of her favorite art pieces is the Fruits and Vegetables at Gateway, inspired by the [West Side] Market. Pozo considers her most important accomplishments as residencies in schools, being able to share experiences, and being a catalyst for community projects.


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Pozo, Angelica (interviewee)


Busta, William (interviewer)


Cleveland Artists Foundation



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