Artist Kevin Snipes discusses his life and art. Born in Philadelphia, PA, Snipes and his family moved to Cleveland in the 1960s. Snipes distinguished himself as an artist at an early age in the public schools of Cleveland and Shaker Heights. After leaving Cleveland to attend Carnegie Mellon University, the artist returned to Cleveland to continue his education at the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA). Although his earliest artistic inclination was toward two-dimensional line drawing, Snipes became interested in clay sculpture and ceramics, into which he integrated his skills in drawing and design. Snipes describes his artistic style and conceptual approach, his educational experience (at Carnegie Mellon, CIA, Penland School of Craft, and the University of Florida), and the impact of Cleveland on his development as an artist. This interview was conducted by telephone.


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Snipes, Kevin (interviewee)


Busta, William (interviewer)


Cleveland Artists Foundation



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