Tom Morgan, President of the Harrington Electric Co., discusses the history and role of the company in Cleveland's Midtown Corridor. Founded in 1907, Harrington Electric Co. has been in Midtown for over one hundred years (as of interview date). The company has primarily performed electrical contracting for buildings in and around the city of Cleveland. Harrington Electric Co. has been involved in the restoration of the Allen Theatre, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Severance Hall, Myers University, Mather Mansion, and the Stager-Beckwith House. The company also has worked on the May Company Building, Ontario Building, and the Cleveland Clinic. Mr. Morgan discusses the Midtown area when he started working for the company in 1978 and mentions his education, his view of the city, and his thoughts on the Midtown area as a young adult. He is hopeful that Cleveland will once again become a vibrant city and believes that Cleveland's Midtown Corridor can help with such a development.


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Morgan, Tom (interviewee)


Hons, Justin (interviewer)


Midtown Cleveland



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