George Dixon III, owner and operator of the Lancer Steakhouse, discusses the history of the restaurant and its importance to the African American community of Cleveland. The interview focuses on the history of the restaurant both prior to his ownership and thereafter. Originally called the Hickory Smokehouse, the Lancer Steakhouse was established by Fleet Slaughter, becoming the first restaurant in Cleveland owned and operated by an African American. Mr. Dixon discusses the other African American establishments in the Midtown area prior to his ownership. Corner's Tavern, Leo's Casino, and Art's Seafood are specifically mentioned. The Lancer Steakhouse catered to not only the African American professional, but also to working class patrons. After purchasing the Lancer Steakhouse in the mid 1980s, Dixon wanted to keep the Lancer's reputation intact. Therefore, he decided to stay in the Midtown area and keep the menu relatively the same. Topics include ownership and clientele change, improving the restaurant to meet current demands, and his expectations regarding the redevelopment of Midtown. He also discusses the establishments around Lancer Steakhouse since his acquisition of the restaurant.


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Dixon III, George (interviewee)


Souther, Mark (interviewer)


Midtown Cleveland



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