Bruce Higley discusses the Albert M. Higley Co. and its involvement in Cleveland and the city's Midtown Corridor. Over the past eighty two years (as of interview date) the Albert M. Higley Co. has built many of Cleveland's buildings; most notably the Cleveland Coast Guard Station, the Greyhound Bus Station, and the Red Cross Building. The company has also been involved in many of the buildings at Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the Cleveland Clinic. Mr. Higley discusses the changing needs in Cleveland over the years, and describes how the Albert Higley Company has tried to meet those changing demands. He mentions the re-building of Cleveland State University, how it will affect the city, and how to establish residential housing around the University. Other topics include his personal thoughts on bringing companies into the city, regionalism, and the challenges Cleveland must meet in order to make the city a better place (infrastructure, business opportunities, and roadways).


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Higley, Bruce (interviewee)


Calder, James (interviewer)


Midtown Cleveland



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