Pat Holland, resident of Hessler Street since the early 1970's, relates the history of Hessler Street. As a college student in the late 1960's Holland recalls the vibrant jazz and folk music scene in the University Circle area, and the night life in the area of Euclid and 105th Street. He describes some of the prominent musical acts that appeared at local venues, such as LaCave and Night Town, the drug-scene, and late night parties. As a Hessler Street resident he became involved in the Hessler Housing Co-op, created to counteract urban renewal and prevent the UCI land bank from buying and demolishing Hessler Street houses. He describes the process of obtaining Historic Landmark District designation, the importance of Case Western Reserve architectural students in that process, and the lack of city funds for maintaining the area. He gives descriptions of Hessler Street townhouses, residents of the area, including WMMS radio personality, Lenn Goldberg, informal block parties, and the beginnings of the Hessler Street Fair. Holland discusses the changing focus of UCI and the focus on creating new residential areas, the involvement of local residents on the University Circle Design Committee, and the tension between University Circle institutions that often results in poor planning, which hurts residents.


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Holland, Pat (interviewee)


Ferraton, Matthew (interviewer)


University Circle



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