John Goddard has worked as private contractor providing maintenance of University Circle property since 1963. He describes land acquisitions by UCI land bank, and changes to the portion of Euclid Avenue included in the University Circle area. Until the late 1960's Euclid Avenue was "mixed use," including retail, restaurants, bars and hotels. Goddard relates the history and purpose of the UCI land bank and the poor conditions of many properties obtained by UCI. He describes some of the buildings owned by UCI, including the old mansions and their carriage houses, University East Building, the 115th Street Apartments, and the Circle Building. He gives a brief history of the Circle Building, originally the Commodore Hotel, and later, the Circle Place Apartments. Many former Cleveland Browns lived at Circle Place, due to its proximity to Fleming Fields, the old practice grounds for the Browns. Goddard describes the role of property management in general, improvements to Wade Oval to enhance its usability, and the specific work of maintenance during large events held at University Circle, including Parade the Circle, and WOW.


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Goddard, John (interviewee)


Ferraton, Matthew (interviewer)


University Circle



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