Bob Reeves discusses his involvement with the Cleveland Corporation and University Circle Inc. As Projects Director for the Cleveland Corporation he was involved in a Master Plan for Public Square, including a pedestrian mall which did not materialize. Reeves states several reasons for the eventual rejection of a pedestrian mall and the problems between the Cleveland Corporation and Mayor Dennis Kucinich. He describes the evolving role of UCI as a community development corporation, the decision to become a land bank, and the role of a land bank. Overzealous land acquisition by UCI eroded trust with local residents, and UCI is working to reestablish good relationships with those residents by including more commercial and residential areas in future development. Reeves discusses the various renovations and building improvements that are being planned, or have been completed, by the cultural institutions in University Circle. These projects will enhance the unique aspect of University Circle.


Reeves, Bob (interviewee)


Ferraton, Matthew (interviewer)


University Circle



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