Ted Sande, former Exectutive Director of Western Reserve Historical Society (1981-1993) and Board Member at University Circle Incorporated, discusses his experiences with Cleveland's east side cultural district. Sande describes his work at the Western Reserve Historical Society, including institutional history, various projects and artifacts, details on strategic and financial planning initiatives, and infrastructure improvement. He describes changes in grant distribution and fund raising in the 1980s, when money was being redirected to medical institutions and larger cultural institutions. Sande's work with University Circle Incorporated (UCI) is discussed within the broader context of Cleveland's post-WWII decline in population and wealth. As a community development organization, UCI reacted with land banking and other programs designed to restore the neighborhood population and stimulate the area's economy. Sande also discusses Cleveland's architectural characteristics and community, as well as changes in the crime rate over time in the University Circle area.


Sande, Ted (interviewee)


Calder, James (interviewer)


University Circle



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