Background in Landscape Architecture; Chief of Planning & Development for Park District. Oversee new bike trails, towpath completion, land acquisitions; all fun! Monroe Falls, Nature Realm; recycle and reuse. Partnerships to develop Cascade Valley Park. Theraputic, relaxing place: Heritage Corridor, Metroparks. Security issues. RR underpass is Resource sustainability issues. Cascade Locks fundraising. Home for Schumaker Office gargoyles: library window. 25 yrs of pushing for standards of development. Summit County Metroparks is 4th largest in state; 2nd oldest park district (1921). Variety of themes.stalling downtown trail. New Canal Park bridge; path over interstate. Designated Park areas display history. Previously untravelled, now 4 million visitors/yr. Park District as conservation leader. Overpopulation of deer; protection from utilities and development. Lack of natural predators creates problem. Same goals as Nat'l Prk Srvc but different methods. Judge appoints Park Commissioners.


Whited, David (interviewee)


Lashley, Robin (interviewer)


Rivers Roads and Rails 2008



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