Personal connection to area. Interested in land conservancy and sustainable economic development of lower valley. Exce. Dir. of Cuyahoga Valley Assn from '89 to '01. Wrote Trail Guide and other booklets. Worked with Sierra Club. Grew up in Akron; became interested in nature through Virginia Kendall Park and Monro Falls; led to environmentalism. Hosted first Heritage Corridor meeting. Trails Council and John Debo promote Metroparks connection concept. Making the perfect place to live. Love of Ledges. Penchant for writing leads to newsletters for Sierra Club and Trails Council, then park books, trailguides. Her fave is "Beyond Cleveland on Foot". Volunteerism stems from responding to needs and leads to starting groups. Wants to write book on CCC in Ohio and guide for Friends of Crooked River. Park as a classroom. Get involved, persevere, shift energies to keep it fresh. Many hands working together. Her work made a difference.


Bobel, Peg (interviewee)


King, Michael (interviewer)


Rivers Roads and Rails 2008



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