This is an interview with author Lloyd (Sandy) H. Ellis Jr. about his book Sacred Landmarks and his forthcoming book which extends the first work beyond the city limits. In the first part of the interview there is discussion about the first book and how his new book will extend beyond the city limits to look at other sacred landmarks around the city. The next part of the interview Ellis notes the problems with getting access to some institutions and differences between religious groups and the clergy. Throughout the interview unique aspects of these landmarks are noted as well as religious differences. The later part of the interview Ellis notes how the churches have evolved and how parishioners have given insight to these landmarks. At the end of the interview discussion concludes with how the builders deserve credit along with the designers in construction of these landmarks. Ellis also points out how many founding pastors provided the initiative, fund raising, and drive for the construction of these institutions.


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Ellis, Lloyd (Sandy) H., Jr. (interviewee)


Lanese, James (interviewer); Valore, Kenneth (interviewer)


Sacred Landmarks



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Oral History


61 minutes

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