This interview was conducted at Cleveland State University with Michael Tevesz, founder and former director for the Sacred Landmarks project. The first part of the interview traces the beginnings of the project when it began in the mid 1980s. Different aspects of the project is discussed along with the published works documenting Cleveland and Lorain area sites. There was an exhibition held at Cleveland State University featuring sites between 1830 and 1990 by photographer T. Lewis. There was also a course created in the Urban Studies department featuring the buildings and congregations. There are tours on Sundays to view churches and styles. It should be noted there is a masters thesis in every congregation. The rest of the interview focuses on architecture and areas of research interest. There is also discussion of the nature of the congregations and changing demographics. The final closing remarks includes talk about the current initiatives and the work that needs to continue.


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Tevesz, Michael (interviewee)


Lanese, James (interviewer); Valore, Kenneth (interviewer)


Sacred Landmarks



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Oral History


55 minutes

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