John (Jack) Boyle is a native Clevelander hailing from University Heights and attended high school at St. Ignatius. He left the Cleveland area to attend Boston College to return and work his father at United Agencies until his retirement in 2000. Boyle was familiar with many reoccuring people who would come to be ever-present in the Cleveland Heights community. One of his close friends, Harry Fagan, was an important part of Heights Community Congress. Boyle and a few others felt that a change was necessary in the late 1960s when he ran for a councilman position and lost. Those who supported him were not happy with the incumbents retaining their positions for as long as they did. Boyle and his wife Mary were involved in many aspects of the community. In the interview he talks about fair housing, blockbusting, becoming mayor, and serving on the planning commission.


Boyle III, John J. (interviewee)


Kaeser, Susan (interviewer)


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