Susanna Neirmann O'Neil, a Cleveland Heights resident, worked for the Heights Community Congress and later for the city of Cleveland Heights. She worked to maintain the racial integration of the city and to promote Cleveland Heights to new residents in general. Building partnerships between realtors and the community was instrumental in achieving this goal. O'Neil helped create the Nine Point Plan, which successfully promoted a vibrant, integrated city. O'Neil stresses that the actions of the residents in partnership with the city of Cleveland Heights has been crucial to their success. Having clear goals and taking the initiative to create and promote Cleveland Heights as a beautiful, diverse, and attractive place to live has been the driving force of change in the community. O'Neil met many inspirational and dedicated people in her work and is happy to see that many more are continuing the work to strengthen the Cleveland Heights community.


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O'Neil, Susanna Niermann (interviewee)


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