Arthur Brooks, a Cleveland Heights resident, earned his law degree and began working as a lawyer for Baker, Hostetler, & Patterson. Having been exposed to community activism while attending college in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he got involved in the community of Cleveland Heights. Brooks ran for office in Cleveland Heights but was defeated. He was encouraged to run for the Ohio State Legislature and served two terms as state representative. He returned to Baker, Hostetler, & Patterson to become a partner in the firm. Brooks was the lead real estate lawyer. From this vantage point, Brooks witnessed the integration of Cleveland Heights, an issue that was important to him. For example, he lobbied for a fair housing bill. Brooks continues to be involved in community activities in order to confront new issues and challenges facing inner-ring suburbs and is interested in efforts to revitalize the region.


Brooks, Arthur V. (interviewee)


Kaeser, Susan (interviewer)


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