Sura Sevastopoulos was born in Cleveland in 1948. She grew up with her mother and grandmother in Cleveland Heights, originally attended Coventry School, and recalls the walk to school quite vividly. She went to college at the Cleveland Insitute of Art, and while in school she worked at a nightclub called "La Cave," which featured many popular artists such as the Velvet Underground. Sura participated in antiwar marches down Euclid Avenue, and once lived on Hessler Road in the late 1960s. She claims to be a participant in the "Counterculture," and so was very accepting of racial integration. She traveled to Greece after her college graduation, where she met her husband. They had their wedding in Cleveland Heights at "Earth By April," one of the first vegetarian restaurants in the Cleveland area. Now she rents homes to people in Cleveland Heights, and feels that her heart still lives in the Heights, though she is now a resident of Pepper Pike.


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Sevastopoulos, Sura (interviewee)


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