Virgene Schreckengost is an Ohio native, born in the southernmost part of the state, in Marietta. She enjoyed her childhood there, with plenty to do and a lovely school experience. She pursued her pre-med degree from Ohio Wesleyan and then traveled up to Cleveland to attend Western Reserve for her Ph.D. She was very busy with school, and then became a mother directly after graduating. She raised her three sons in the Carolinas, when her first husband was in the Army. They moved back up to the Heights, and her sons went to Roxboro schools. She divorced, and Viktor was her neighbor, which is how they met. She tells some great stories about Viktor Schreckengost, popular Cleveland artist and her second husband. They married in 1991. Viktor celebrated his 100th birthday with her. He loved Cleveland and never wanted to leave it though he had opportunities elsewhere.


Schreckengost, Virgene (interviewee)


Hallowell, Bethany (interviewer)


Provost Summer Program



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