In this 2005 interview, Richard Horton, former executive director (1975-1989) of the Shaker Lakes Nature Center, discusses the history of the Shaker community in Cleveland, the Shaker Lakes, the failed Clark Freeway that threatened the land upon which the lakes are located, and the founding and operation of the Shaker Lakes Nature Center. Mr. Horton grew up in Geauga County with a love of nature; became a teacher; volunteered at the Nature Center shortly after it was established in the 1960s; and directed the efforts of the staff at the Nature Center in operating educational programs for the general public. Mr. Horton has a rich knowledge of the Shaker community; of the Doan Brook watershed; of the citzens' effort (including the little old ladies with tennish shoes) to stop the Clark Freeway proposed by County Engineer Albert Porter; and the development and the operations of the Nature Center.


Horton, Richard (interviewee)


Tekien, Catherine (interviewer)


History 400



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Oral History


49 minutes

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