Dorothy Kuhn, while not born in Cleveland, has spent nearly fifty years in Cleveland. She was born in Pennsylvania and describes what it was like picking up cans for the war effort during World War 2. She came to Cleveland after stints in California and St. Louis to become a nurse. She got her degree from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and was immediately hired to be on the faculty of the school. She mentions her husband and how they were active members at Grace Lutheran Church until recently when they joined St. Paul's Episcopal Church. After explaining why she and her husband left Grace, she talks about why they joined St. Paul's. Finally, she gives a brief insight into what she and her husband did for fun in Cleveland Heights, which included going to the Coventry Street Fairs and the Cedar-Lee area frequently.


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Kuhn, Dorothy (interviewee)


Horan II, John (interviewer)


Judson Manor



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