Robert H. Arnold born in Massachusetts, but made his mark in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Arnold begins his story by discussing his time during World War Two, and he mentions several harrowing experiences he had abroad, and challenging experiences he had once he came back state-side. After his time in the war, Arnold had several offers. He could have studied law at Yale or became part of an executive training program at General Electric, a program that he had begun before the war. instead of these opportunities, he took a job in his father-in-law's real estate firm, where he would rise up to become senior partner. He then mentions his work as mayor of Cleveland Heights and how he believed in bipartisanship, something he thinks is not happening these days. After he describes his foray into politics, he closes the interview by going into detail about what he did to breakdown segregation laws as a real estate agency.


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Arnold, Robert H. (interviewee)


Horan II, John (interviewer)


Judson Manor



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