Gleason had some experiences with the civil rights movement. Though he’s mixed, he did manage to attend the only Catholic Church (and the affiliated school) in Cleveland that welcomed people of any race. He witnessed Martin Luther King speak on two separate occasions—once in Cleveland and once in Washington D.C., where he participated in a march for rights. Gleason was recruited to the airforce while he was studying at John Caroll University. He served the country during the Berlin Airlift and the Korean War. Because he was Catholic, Gleason was assumed to be Caucasian by those who recruited him. Though Truman did desegregate service during his time, Gleason experienced some racism toward his comrades along the way. After he returned from the army, he went back to school. Gleason finally worked 24 years with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cleveland and retired in 1995.


Gleason, Louis (Interviewee)


Malone, Carol (Interviewer)


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