Dr. Andrew Gross, a longtime member of the faculty at Cleveland State University (CSU), describes his various experiences and achievements in his academic career. He touches on growing up in Hungary and surviving World War II along with five years of Soviet occupation. He then describes his education. Gross attended McGill University and Case Institute of Technology as an undergraduate, went on to Western Reserve University to get his MBA, and finally received his PhD from Ohio State University. After graduating from Ohio State, he accepted an appointment at Lehigh University before joining the faculty at CSU where he has been since 1968. He describes those early years and how he believed that CSU had a "pioneering spirit" that they have maintained. He has also taken several leaves of absence and sabbaticals over the years and he describes these in great detail. He concludes by discussing the most important part of the university, its alumni.


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Gross, Andrew (interviewee)


Horan II, John (interviewer)


CSU at 50



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