Timothy Cosgrove, a two-time alumnus of Cleveland State University (CSU), discusses a dear subject to him: CSU. He talks about his time attending the university and working full-time throughout his eight years there. Cosgrove began his undergraduate degree in 1979, completed it in 1983 and went immediately on to attain his law degree, which he received in 1987. After graduating he went to work for George Voinovich in different capacities, all the while, either directly or indirectly, keeping track of his alma mater. Then in 1997, he was appointed to the Board of Trustees, where he served until 2007 when his full term expired. Throughout the interview, Cosgrove talks about how the university has made great strides to improve, but it must never let its guard down. Ultimately, he concludes with a brief discussion about the CSU Foundation, and how important it is in keeping the university viable for students of all economic backgrounds.


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Cosgrove, Timothy (interviewee)


Horan II, John (interviewer)


CSU at 50



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