Peter Bode, a recent graduate of Cleveland State University (CSU), talks about what he did before going to the university, while he was at CSU, and what he has done since. He states that from a young age he was very involved in nature, so much so that as he grew up he became a landscaper. Due to several injuries, he could no longer continue in that line of work so he went to CSU to gain training to become an environmental scientist. While at CSU, Bode was involved with a great many things, including the Student Environmental Movement, an organization that he was president of and helped establish an internship program for. He continues by talking about his post graduate work and how he got to work for the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization and what he does there. Through his work, he has become intimately involved with the Cuyahoga River and he is well versed in the history of that great river, which he brings up over the course of the interview.


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Bode, Peter (interviewee)


Horan II, John (interviewer)


CSU at 50



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