This interview was conducted as part of the CSU 50th Anniversary Commemoration. Patrick Sweeney is the Chief Senior Advisor in the Office of Government Relations. A member of the state legislature beginning in 1967 representing Cleveland, Sweeney was a staunch supporter of CSU during its early development and continues to contribute to the university in his current role at present. Along with the role that he has played in CSU, Sweeney has been a long time advocate of the arts, supporting both Playhouse Square and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of which he is a trustee. In this interview Sweeney relates how CSU has developed from its inception, relating many of the specific examples of his personal involvement and impact on the university. In describing his 40+ years of association with CSU Sweeney details the debates about where CSU would be located, his relationship with Governor Rhodes, the circumstances surrounding the construction of the Convocation Center (Wolstein Center), his advocacy for CSU in the legislature, and the CSU basketball exploits during the 1980s among other topics.


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Sweeney, Patrick (interviewee)


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CSU at 50



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