This interview was conducted as part of the CSU 50th Anniversary Commemmoration. Dr. Cathy Thomas has been associated with CSU in a number of capacities for over 40 years. Originally hailing from Parma, Thomas commuted to campus via bus beginging in the fall of 1968. She following graduation she worked for a number of years in various departments at the university before deciding to pursue her M.A in art history at CSU and later her PhD in the same subject from CWRU. From the time she was working on her PhD at CWRU until 2010, Thomas was a member of the JCU, CSU, KSU, and CWRU faculties at various times and lends unique insight to CSU in particular as a result. In the interview Thomas discusses the atmosphere on CSU's campus during the late 60s/early 70s, working at CSU during its rapid growth in the 1980s, her experiences working with St. Stanislaus Church and with the CM, and seeing personally the trajectory of CSU for 40 of its 50 years of existence.


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Thomas, Cathy (interviewee)


Wickens, Joe (interviewer)


CSU at 50



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