This interview was conducted as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Comemmoration effort. Lawrence Caswell is a native to the Cleveland area and is currently a Radio Engineer for WCPN IdeaStream. He grew up in Bedford Heights, Ohio and enrolled at CSU in 1993. Caswell immediately joined the campus radio station WCSB, eventually becoming its General Manager for a period of time. Along with being a part of WCSB Caswell also was on the staff of The Vindicator and played in numerous bands while attending CSU, most notably This Moment In Black History, with fellow CSU alum Chris Kulcsar. In this interview Caswell discusses his early musical and radio influences along with his experiences with WCSB and The Vindicator. He also describes his friendship with Kulcsar, his experiences as part of This Moment including performing at the South By Southwest Music Festival, the Cleveland music scene, and his current neighborhood of Collinwood.


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Caswell, Lawrence Daniel (interviewee)


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CSU at 50



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