Sally Florkiewicz is a native to the Cleveland Area. She grew up at Gracemont and graduated from West Geauga High School. After high school she enrolled at Ohio University where she got a degree in education and first became active in politics. After college she returned to Cleveland and taught school. In 1998 she was appointed by Governor George Voinovich to the Cleveland State Board of Trustees and served for 14 years. While on the board Florkiewicz served on the Honorary Degrees and Recognition Committee, the Committee for Visiting Committees, and served as chair of the Athletics Committee. Along with serving on the Board of Trustees Florkiewicz has worked extensively with the Board of Elections and has served as Chairwoman for the Republican Party in Cuyahoga County for 23 years. In this interview Florkiewicz describes many of the board members she served with and the interactions that they had with one another. Of particular not is her experiences working on the Honorary Degrees and Recognition Committee where she describes many of the recipients and her involvement with Athletics Committee where she talks about travelling with teams during post-season play.


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Florkiewicz, Sally D. (interviewee)


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