This interview was conducted as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Commemoration effort. Elizabeth Zavada is currently the Assistant to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees at CSU. Born in Brownsville, PA, Zavada moved with her family to Cleveland's west side in the 1950s. Zavada enrolled at CSU in the fall of 1969 where she majored in education and worked in the alumni development office. After graduation she stayed on at CSU, working in government relations under Dr. Clotus Smith. When Smith left to become President of Rio Grande University Zavada followed him. Later she also followed him to Lake Erie College before returning to CSU in 2001 where she has been ever since. Of particular interest in this interview are Zavada's description of CSU in it's early years, the interactions she had with Smith and other people in government relations, and a detailed description of her current role with the board of trustees.


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Zavada, Elizabeth (interviewee)


Wickens, Joe (interviewer)


CSU at 50



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