Ronald F. Dodson attended Camp Mueller in 1957 and 1958, at age nine and ten. Dotson lived in the Rawlings neighborhood and credits his Camp Meuller experience with promoting his lifelong love of the outdoors. Dotson discusses his memories of camp, the rain that spoiled his second year, and the excitement of getting ready to attend camp. He also recalls the anxiety that he felt at being away from home for the first time and the experience of getting to know fellow campers, lessons that helped him with other life experiences. Dotson calls Camp Mueller the "best known secret" in Cleveland, noting that he did not realize until recently how many other children in the city had attended camp. He urges people to support camps and parks that allow inter city children to experience nature.


Dodson, Ronald F. (interviewee)


Bell, Erin (interviewer); Hill, Joshua (interviewer); Nash, Jonathan (interviewer)


Phillis Wheatley Association



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Oral History


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