This interview was conducted by Jost-Hrabak's son, Christopher Hrabak, and has been included as part of Cleveland State University's 50th Anniversary Oral History Project. Jost-Hrabak attended Fenn College for two years following World War II where she was one of two women out of a student body of over 700. She would later return to finish her degree at CSU in the 1970s. In this interview she recounts much of her family's history and relates several stories from her life prior to 1962 when her and her husband purchased a large plot of land on Music Street southeast of Cleveland. Of particular interest his her discussion of attending Fenn College, her childhood trip to Germany in 1939, and the construction of their family home in Indian Hills. Also of particular interest his her description of her husband Frankie who was a graduate of Fenn who also served as part-time faculty of the college.


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Jost-Hrabak, Marguerite (interviewee)


Wickens, Joseph (interviewer)


CSU at 50



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Oral History


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