Christine Rody is a sister in the Vincentian Sisters of Charity order in Cincinnati, Ohio. She served on the Cleveland Latin American Mission team to El Salvador with Sr. Martha Owen and Sr. Dorothy Kazel. In this interview, she discusses her decision to enter the convent and her time in El Salvador. Sr. Christine reflects on the work she helped perform and the impact that work has had on the Salvadoran people. She also describes the situation in El Salvador both before and after the escalation of hostilities between the guerillas and the military junta in the late 1970s, including the murders of the four church women in 1980. Sr. Christine Rody was at the Thanksgiving dinner held at Ambassador Robert White's house the night before Srs. Dorothy, Ita, Maura, and Jean Donovan were killed. She also talks about the reaction and involvement of the Cleveland people in relation to El Salvador and the work of the Cleveland mission team.


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Rody, Christine (interviewee)


Randt, Naomi A. (interviewer)


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